Established in 2005, the Luscious Lashes brand is now an International brand with Distributors and Stockists in a number of countries. 
Our trainers have years of experience in this industry and have tried and tested almost every major product on the market. Our Educators are provided with ongoing Professional Development in the latest industry techniques to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive training available. We've enrolled in International Training courses and have taken the best aspects from each and combined them with our own professional experiences. We have also cut out the middle-man and gone straight to the manufacturers to bring you the best quality products, without the middle-man prices. 

Our Foaming Lash and Brow Cleanser is designed by Lash Masters for lash extensions. Our cleanser helps to fight Demodex Mites that cause Blepharitis and it is also an excellent eye make-up remover. Use it before eyelash application to get great retention! No need to use a primer as the formulation, which is Paraben Free, strips away any oily residue and hydrates the lashes at the same time so you do not need an alcohol based primer that can dry the lashes. Wholesale prices are available for bulk orders


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